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In Gyanish, Gyan means “know” and Ish means “self” i.e. “know yourself”. Mr. Gyan Acharaya, the founder of Gyanish Fitness Private Limited. Gyanish Fitness Private Limited was registered incorporation as company in 2 December 2015. There are 3 branches situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The company has collaborated with many other companies and has given affiliations to many other companies. Company has organized many workshops and camps in hospitals, schools, corporate company, bank, college and in army, air force and police cants. Up till now 120 workshops and camps have been organized by our company. And company has trained around 50 Yoga teachers and has given then a huge platform. Currently around 30 teachers having degrees of yoga are working in our company. And company gives campus placement to top international yoga universities students having graduations and post- graduation degree. This is the only company all over India which is having highly qualified yoga teachers. We provide best yoga services in all over Ahmedabad.!

Traditional Yoga

Traditional yoga is a spiritual practice, with a goal of union with the absolute or the divine, while contemporary yoga focuses more on fitness. The various exercises we associate with hatha yoga were performed to prepare the body for long periods of meditation.

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Power Yoga

Power yoga is a more active approach to the traditional Hatha yoga poses. The Ashtanga yoga poses are performed more quickly and with added core exercises and upper body work. The sequences are not the same every time, and there is often upbeat music.

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Advance Yoga

Advanced Yoga means the ability to do more complicated poses, but it can also mean having the experience to decide that those poses aren’t for you. Being physically adept doesn’t make you better at yoga. Some people can put their foot behind their head in their very first yoga class.

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Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic yoga is an adaptation of yoga that applies yogic principles and methods to heal various human ailments. It is a blend of restorative yoga, gentle yoga, breath work, meditation and chakra stimulation. Therapeutic yoga is preventive as well as restorative.

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